Shine your light for Jesus! claphamseal.gif

Why Jesus is My Best Friend

  • He saved my life
  • He never loses his patience with me
  • He never leaves me
  • He cares more about me than life itself
  • He is loyal, faithful, and truthful
  • He forgives me even when I mess up royally
  • He listens to all my problems
  • He gives excellent advice
  • He knows me better than I know me
  • He loves me even though he doesn’t need me for anything (unlike most everyone else in my life.)
  • Want Jesus to be your Best Friend?

    Welcome! If you remember the 20th century version of this site, instead of the old What’s New? page, check the sidebar for recent additions. Under About, you’ll find our creed and links to my testimony and my husband’s Adam’s, who also has a few articles here. If you want, grab a title off the shelf in our Reading Room, or just pick a category from drop down list displayed in the sidebar. If you’re looking for a particular topic, try the search box.

    Want to contribute and grow in fellowship and community with committed brothers and sisters in Christ? Fed up with McChurch, Church Inc., and country club style worship experiences where you’re “family” much like you are at the Olive Garden? A political conservative with a biblical worldview who’s tired of walking on egg shells to maintain the “unity” of said body? Tired of being “loved” only as far as you are useful? Longing to truly get FED UP (Fellowship, Encouragement, Discipleship, Unity and Principle)?

    Me, too. That’s why I’ve started the Clapham Community in the forums here. It’s brand new, so I need some humble spiritually mature brothers and sisters gifted at church planting type endeavors to step up (so everyone else reading this and saying, “yeah that’d be nice” will have something to join other than an empty forum). Not sure this is you, but feel drawn to the idea? Pray about it. If the Spirit is leading you here, that’s what matters.

    Clapham Community is a private forum separate from the public forum (which also needs trailblazers). To join you will need to register with a valid email address (registration is totally free and I won’t do anything with your address that I wouldn’t want done with mine.) Once you’ve done that, please post your testimony (or a link to it) along with an introduction in the Fellowship Hall.

    Be sure to check out my Christian advice column and book reviews over at Ask Andrea. I need your letters, so if you need advice, please email me your questions.

    Bible Quotations in articles written by Andrea prior to Jan 2005 are from the NIV, all others are from the KJV unless otherwise indicated. All other written material is original work and may not be reproduced in their entirety. Non-Commercial (read: non-spamy) blogs may quote selections from our articles with proper attribution and a link to the original provided you ping us (trackback). All other types of sites and individuals must request permission before use. Thank you!

    My Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, I thank you for all your help with this project, for guiding me to do this, and I ask for your blessings on this site. May all that come here be blessed and leave here closer to you than they arrived. Thank you my Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    Love in Christ,
    Andrea Graham

    P.S. Don’t forget to stop to pet Angelo!

    my pet!

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