Today, All For Christ got blogified. Please welcome this old gal to the 21st century! It’s starting over, in a way, but also will mean dumping a lot of stuff that had broken (like my guest book, prayer requests . . .) and replacing it with blog tools.

News from 4/12/01–1/05/06

Happy New Year everyone. I know it’s been pretty quiet around here. Wanted to let you know my husband hired me (sorta) as a columnist on his blog (if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em), so I’ve been writing over there. One of these days, I will get around to crossposting my religious pieces (Jesus is still my subject of choice, I assure you), I swear. Hopefully a lot sooner than I got around to putting the Short Stories up. In the mean time, you can check go out my posts at Adam’s Blog I’ve also been posting Forgotten as a serial over there. It’s in MS Reader format here, so if you don’t have it and don’t want to get it, you can go check it out, that’s in the Story Blogging Category And we have gotten a few letters on our Advice Column, which has been moved to Adam’s server, so if you haven’t read Ask Andrea lately, might want to check that out, too.

Wrote two new articles I’ve posted in the nonfiction index, Get out of the Net and Walk the Tightrope, and, Crossing the Gorge on a Balance Beam. They’re both parables of sorts, and the latter particularly is technically fiction, but they fit best in that category, I think. Oh, yeah, I actually have two letters up over at Ask Andrea so you may want to check that out as well.

Added a few finishing touches to the Short Story Index and renamed the Article Index the Reading Room, but haven’t changed all the links to it yet.

I have a confession to make. Somewhere along the way, in this last year or two, I forgot who my audience is. Now I have an appology to make. To any editors, publishers, agents, or any other person who thinks I ought to be writing to please them, I am sorry, but I have to stop. When I began writing, it was, literally, All For Christ, but at some point the devil planted the idea that to please the Lord I had to obtain sucess as the world defines it (ie, selling a million copies of a novel, for instance,) Yesterday, though, He reminded me all He ever really wanted was me to write for Him and as far as He’s concerned, anyone else who sees it is secondary. In an effort to get back to my roots, I’m posting that short story index I once wanted to do, then procrastinated on because I viewed it as a lot of work, and then forgot about in the process of losing my focus. I’ve posted six of my shorter fiction works there, four of which are in microsoft reader format (if I can get it to work!) due to length.

I’m starting a new christian advice column, Ask Andrea . I’ve put it over on blogger to make my life easier, but it’s technically a ministry of this website. We need your letters, so if you need any good christian advice, please email me your questions.

Posted a new article on an issue that’s been weighing on my heart recently, Farming 101. It’s an examination of the “Parable of the Sower,” (mine, rather, not the one in the bible) looking at the effects of the emphasis in the church today on Sowing. If you’re introverted, trust me, you want to read this.

Okay, I’ve finally gotten around to writing Lesson Five of my testimony, When God Calls you, Go! yesterday and I’ve uploaded that today. I’m going to try and get to Lesson Six and possibly a Seven here soon as well.
Yikes. Got a kick in the rear about not updating my website in over a year. I’m gonna try to get back to y’all. Sorry about this. Today I got done weeding through a year’s worth of SPAM. Funny how I get nigerian scams from this site and I’m not even sellin’ anything here. I’m sittin’ here, having turned 23 last September, and remembering when I was sixteen 23 was OLD and how cool 23 year olds were. Why don’t I feel old and cool???? LOL. More like young and bookish. Guess when the median age at church is around 55, it’s hard not to feel like a baby still. I’m proud of them though, instead of just sitting around whining about how young families won’t come (and bring their kids to sunday school), they did something about it. Now if we can just kill that darn wolf separating the lambs from the ewes….

Okay, I updated my Bio Sheet it was way out of date–it had me still in Montana and we moved to Idaho a year ago last (gasp) September 11th. So on one september 11th I’m sitting in the computer room before my New Testament class listening (reading?) in horror as my fiance informs me on AIM terrorists just flew an air plane into the World Trade Center, then on another (2003) I’m sitting in a moving van listening to the rattle of the tamborine I got for my last birthday and insisted on taking in the cab with me while my pet fish (who died last summer) sits in the washing machine in his little bowl. Cheery, huh?
Happy New Year. This year I’ve been working on a separate project King Kilts , due to the fact that this new venture has potential for profit and we need the money. King Kilts, in case you’re interested, specializes in making king-sized kilts at discount prices. If you’re wondering how a nice young lady like me got mixed up in making kilts, my husband’s website can explain that.
I also corrected some dead links and loaded a new prayer board.
Added a new poem that I wrote recently, Breath , to the Poetry Index, if you didn’t notice, I put The Great Reversal up there a while back too, but forgot to mention that one.
Uploaded Will You Sing? and Giving Thanks to the Poetry Index Oh, and, by the way, Adam added a new Bible On… article awhile back, The Bible on Giving, he did that one all by himself, and of course didn’t think to put an entry in the What’s New Log, since this page has historically been my “journal” so to speak.
Performed general site maintence, uploaded a new poem that I wrote earlier this month, The Great Reversal And yes, I do still intend to eventually work on the Short Story Index, (Adam and I both have plenty), I just keep putting it off because I precieve that one to be a lot of work. I did finally take down the “coming soon” bit, that one was a little tacky.
I put together “How to Find God”, a Booklet for new christians (and anyone else who wants the exercise) to help them in learning to study the bible through prayer (also known as meditation), and to grow in the word. No easy answers here, this one will require some work on the reader’s part! Told you’d I’d add new content 🙂 If you try it, let me know what you think. And yes, you may share it with your friends, family, church, etc. I’d appreciate it if you notified me first, though, and it’d be nice if you included the source url.
Added a new link to the Cool Christian Websites . I’m current on all previous applications and I AM currently accepting new link exchange applications. I updated the submission guidlines on the Link Exchange Application recently as well. And yes, I intend to post new content soon 🙂 11/21/02
I’ve finally gotten started on all of link exchange applications “sitting on my desk” for “forever”, starting with those that have been there the longest, this one’s gonna take me a few days, but I do have my prilimary check of old links and one new link processed and just uploaded the updated Cool Christian Websites
I posted several poems I wrote, four from way back, and one I wrote in august to the Poetry Index and put them in tenative Chronological order, so, go check them out if poetry is your thing, let me know what you think if you care to drop a line.
Adam wrote two The Bible On… Columns: The Bible On Sex and The Bible on Grace , I just got done finishing the editing and links for him, so, go check ’em out, and enjoy!
Adam published his ebook at, I believe it was, and said I could post the poems he included in the “free chapter” so to speak, so I’ve uploaded Choice and God’s Day , two of the poems from Adam’s e-book. If you’re curious, here’s the page where his poetry e-book is being sold ($2.99 I think)
redid the two email forms on the site The Survey and the Link Exhange page, they’re basically the same, only now its hosted completely here on crossspot and not through freedback anymore, their “submission sucessful” page was just awful.
I’ve been working on a total revision of My Testimony for some time now. Well, I finally got it up…. all FIVE pages of it! (including the contents page) whew! Don’t worry, I didn’t completely get rid of the old one, I used most of it in writing the new Testimony, in addition, the old version is till available at its old page, testimony.html, though this is the only link to it, I think. Happy reading!
Oh, yeah did you notice adam’s yellow nav-bar? Its what we settled on. In addition, Nov. 4th was our 4-month aniversary. Speaking of which, I know I haven’t done as much work here lately, but thats how the ax falls sometimes for newlyweds, don’t worry, I haven’t abanoned my pet project here for a long shot. Adam’s been too busy working on Adam’s Web to contribute much here. I’d like to get permission from him to post some of his poetry and writing, though, (I’d go ahead and post, but I need to check b/c some of it he wants to use comercially). He put his poetry in an e-book to sell, I post mine free, b/c for me its a ministry, but I guess to him its a budding career. Men.
wow! I can’t believe how long I let this go! Sorry, folks, I guess we were busy with life and all. Well, Yesterday I got started working on this again. I’m going to change the color scheme (its too femie for Adam’s liking) . I have a couple of schemes I’m going to pitch to him before going to all that work 🙂 I redid the info page, filing our testimonies and my old info page underneath it. Oh yeah, Adam finally wrote and I finally loaded his testimony, so be sure to check that out. Be sure to email me your congratulations, yesterday marked our second month anniversary (we were married on the fourth of july of this year, which is my excuse for taking so long). I hope to post some of our recent writing and finally get that fiction folder started soon (for real I hope this time!) Oh yeah, and now that you’re done emailing your congrats, you need to wish me a happy birthday. I’ll be 21 September 7th 🙂 BTW, I’m kidding, you don’t have to send me email. Just send money 😉
I think I just about got the switch to the server complete. I’ll have to put some notes up on the old ashland server to let people know, though I’m leaving school at the end of the semester so I don’t know how long they’ll leave my site up. I’m still switching to a server that I’ll have a easier time using once I move this December. It’ll also be easier for Adam to work on the site once I get done training him 🙂
I added a new section to the site today, The Academic Articles Index There are currently five new articles under that heading. I’m also going to be working on some major changes to the site as we’re aquiring a second webmaster (three guesses who I’ve tapped) and preparing to move to a different server.
I updated my information page (one of the few pages on this site that has personal information about me on it), there is a treat at the bottom of the page for those of you who like pictures, btw :). I also added a devotional-esque article (Just Take The Bridge) to the nonfiction index.
Today is my fiance’s 21st birthday, happy birthday Adam! He will be celebrating without the traditional alcoholic beverage due to our abstience. I’ve updated the webrings page and added a christian newswire to the site, located for space reasons on the Article Index page . For those of you who have heard the reports that there may be more terroist attacks this weekend, please do not be alarmed! Nothing can happen to you outside the reach of the Lord’s power, and neither blessing nor harm shall come to you unless the Lord wills it, so do not be afraid, because, “we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Ro:8:28, NKJV)
I added a new article, The Bible On Following Christ to that series, and the poem 911 to the Poetry Index. My sympathy goes (I know you’re probably getting a little tired of this but bear with me, at least I’m not doing it to try and sell you something) out to the victims of the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11th, and to their family and friends. It is my prayer that this nation will respond to this warning with godly wisdom (which we tend to be a bit lacking in), and justice and mercy.
I discovered that the server for the old message boards had crashed, so I had to replace that. What a Mess! LOL. Anyways, I’ll say a quick prayer for any requests I may have missed. The Lord will know you 🙂 I’m back at school now, so hopefully I’ll be getting more done around here. To make up for the long absense, I’ve added three new articles to the Nonfiction Index. On a side note, I had a very wonderful summer–I got engaged 🙂 He’s a wonderful Guy. (Adam, if you’re reading this, I love you!) Oh, and my 20th birthday is next friday (9/7), and it looks like I won’t have anyone to celebrate with, since most of my friends and family will be far away… But, at least I’ll have Jesus! 🙂
I added two new articles to the nonfiction article index, “Who do you say that I am?” and “Take it by Faith or Take Asprin”. I have a few things for the fiction section, but I have yet to post any of them to the site.
Well, Easter is this coming Sunday, so Happy Easter, everybody! Remember: There was nothing good about Good Friday on Good Friday! And you remember what they say about Christmas “Jesus is the Reason for the season”? Its true about Easter, too! Forget the Easter bunny! LOL. Anyways, as a special treat, I’m posting a new article in the Bible On series: The Bible on Fear Enjoy!

News from 2/13/00–2/02/01

Happy Ground Hog’s day! And here is your treat: I added two new articles to the index today, so go check them out!
Loaded the site today and altered the awards page
Finished the work on the navigation bar. Took the chatroom stuff off. Updated several pages in the nonfiction article index, loaded two new poems to the Poetry Index
Did a general update today. I’m working on an overhaul and will load the full update after the new year.
I added a new poem to the poetry index, (see the link under 10/21). Comments on this one and all my poetry is very welcome. Note: if you wish to use one of the poems featured on this site, please email me with your request.
Yes, it has been a while, but I’ve had a busy semester. I updated the poetry section adding three poems from class, copy edited the creed, and worked on the Bible On… Series. I edited the list and put it in alphabetical order and completed The Bible On Biblical Authority, which, yes, is a nice way of saying, “The Word on the Word.”
Happpy birthday to me 🙂 I turned nineteen three days ago. I also changed the color scheme (again, I know, I know, but I like this one better). I moved around the article index a bit, divided it up into different categories for your viewing ease :-). I’m also going to begin a new category soon, Short Stories, and I’m considering a new article series, “The Bible On…” I took the bookstore off, the server had crashed.
I added a second search box to thebible tools page, it works better for when you don’t know what you’re looking for.
I added a new page to the article Index today, an article, On Suffering . The idea was triggered by my misery due to a bad ear infection over the weekend.
I’ve uploaded All For Christ to Ashland University’s server (I’m a student), as you know since this is the server 🙂 Been mostly working out the kinks, but I’m also adding three new pages to the Article Index.
As you have noticed by now, I have yet again altered the color scheme ever so slightly. The Navigator is now light blue until I get tired of it and start tinkering again. At least you can read it now, though. I also finally found a soul brave enough to correct my spelling 🙂
I altered the link font color so that it is easier to read and added a site search box.
I’ve updated the Links page and moved the link exchange form to it’s own page.
There has been a lot of problems with the mirror’s server, so I have updated this one. There is now a chat room, more forms, a few new polls (at the chatroom), and a working side navigator. Thanks to webmasters like Kristy and Barb and nice websites like angelfire and webmonkey for teaching me how to do tables. They are very useful little gadgets. Now, if it works in netscape this time, I’ll be set. (It does, I just checked, yea!)
Oh, and thanks to my friend Angie for suggesting a name for our dog (Angelo).
For those of you who celebrate, Happy Valentine’s day. I’ve finished two new pages, the Creed and an article on School prayer. I’ve been up dating various other things, mostly html related, too.

News from 6/99-2/4/00

Happy belated Ground Hog’s day. I’ve been fussing with the navigational bar again, this time I just put this page back on it. It deserves to me there. I also took the link to the community off. It was just taking up space.
Checked the html on the front page using Web Site Garage. Found a few trivial things that didn’t really effect the page much. I also added another Cool Christian Website link.
Yeah! I thinked the boo-boo! I’m sticking with the horizontal nav. bar, but I added an article index to get the articles off the bar and keep it from getting too long. I think this will work well.
The overhaul had a sequel today. I did some rearranging, fixed html, made sure each page had a counter and my email address on it, and added some forms to make both our lives easier. The Christianity poll is now on the front page. I added a survey page with a form to make it easier for people to let me know how I’m doing. I’m thinking of adding the new pages to the navigation bar, which would further help, but then I have to think what’s worse, allowing the bar to go off the side of the page, or changing the html so it goes down the side like most do.
The sequal shall continue for quite some time. I am now in the middle of converting to a different navigation system. However, it has some bugs and I have put up quite a few “if this page is blank, go here” signs on the pages that have been converted because there is a bug in the new navigator bar. In the mean time, I’m updating the old one. Let me know which bar you like best, please.
I finished the overhaul today. I added the latest two awards we won. Which reminds me… I have to put a link to the presenter up. Oh, I also changed refer a friend services. I think this one is better. I also put counters up on all the pages today, just to see if anybody actually is visiting them.
I continued the over haul today. I moved the article on the front page to it’s very own page, and put in a little note in it’s place. It’s made a difference, I bet my site loads quicker now, which is always a plus.
We also recieved two more awards today.
We recieved our fourth award today. Actually, I don’t know how long we’ve had it, I found out because someone followed a link to me from the award page. Don’t know how I missed that one. Oh well. I also built a table around the awards so I could put some next to one another if I want.
We also have now recieved over 1200 visitors, PTL!

We recieved our third award last month, and I finally put it up today. 1/6/00
Happy New Millenium! (That is, if you’re celebrating. Some say it doesn’t start until next year). Cleaning up the Html a little bit, added a few hyper links and so forth.

Updated things a bit. Added a new page to the site, Let Your Light Shine 12/12/99
If you’ve been here before, you probably noticed a few changes. Yes, I changed the colors again. If you are not seeing a light purple background, let me know. The page said this one was browser safe, but you never know.

12/11/99 Yea! Happy Happy! Joy Joy! Thank you Jesus, Thank you surfers! I can Hardly believe my eyes! We’ve reached a thousand Viewers!

If you’ve visited here before you may have noticed a slight change to the format to the site, namely the brand new navigation bar at the top of everypage. This I made with the help of a friend named Kristy on Collegeclub. Thanks Kristy.

I didn’t want to have this conversation with you, but everything on my site except for the graphics and the links are completely original and I will not be very happy if you cut and paste what took me hours to write. Palagerism is not nice, and I have seen enough to suspect some palagerism has already occured. If you absolutely have to have something on my site other than graphics or links, then please ask me about it in an email or in the guest book. My email is at the bottom of the front page. If clicking on it doesn’t work, then cut and paste it. I don’t want to sound rude or be ungenerous, but this has really annoyed me. I don’t mind sharing, but I do mind when others take credit for something that is mine,and most importantly, is God’s.
Also, if there is anything on this site that you find questionable, please let me know because the integrity of this site is important to me. For instance, some of the bible quotations were missing references. I’ve fixed most of them I think, but if you see any more with out their reference, if you could send me a reminder to look it up, (or the ref.), I’d owe you a nice thank you, and deliver promptly.

This is when I started All For Christ. I needed something to do, and the idea sorta just popped in my head. It was actually kind of an accident, I was trying to sign up for an email address, and when I realized I had a website instead, I figured, what the hey? “Angelo” and the candle are originals to All For Christ. I discovered them in the Angelfire grafics library. I started out with about five pages, index.html (former home of home.html), Jesus’s Gift, Email, Cool Stuff (the links page, it had a bunch of other stuff on it back then, mostly trashed by now), and webrings. I ran into a print out of it from way back in Sept. ’99, it still had only those five pages.