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Submitting this form constitutes agreement with the following contract, otherwise known as the golden rule: You won’t spam me, and I won’t spam you. I won’t add you to any mailing lists or forward you chain letters, and you likewise to me.

Optionally, if you have time, consider answering a few survey questions by copying and pasting them into the form :

  1. Where are you from (currently live)?
  2. How did you find us?
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  5. What articles/pages did you like best? Least?
  6. What are your thoughts on All for Christ? Have I compromised the integrity in any way? Is there anything you would like to see added or changed?
  7. Would developing an online fellowship community here interest you?

That’s it! Thank you!

Spammers: Jesus says I have to love you. So I will lovingly delete anything you get past the security question unopened. Have a nice day!

In Christ,

Andrea Graham

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